…to the home page of the Hewitt-Matheny-Cooper Family Association. We are descendants of 3 related families that came to Oregon in the great Migration of 1843. On these pages you will find news of our annual reunion, articles documenting our family histories, current events in our families and more. Feel free to jump in and see what we have here, read about our family, and attend the reunion. Then join in the discussions on our HMC Family page at Facebook.com. [See how in sidebar to the right.]


Just to start off, you’ll find links and excerpts to 5 of the posts (articles) on this site following this welcome message. You’ll also notice comments by other readers in the sidebar to the right.  But, as mentioned above, we have moved our interactive feature to our Facebook page.  For those who don’t do Facebook, you are welcome to email your comments, articles, pictures, etc. to newsletter@hmcfamily.org. and we will post them for you on Facebook and on the website.

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