PRESIDENT’S LETTER June/July/August 2008

History, more recent or ancient, is not just an interesting hobby.It is how humans learn about life without having to make all the mistakes themselves. It is also what gives us a sense of stability, knowing that life goes on in spite of our mistakes and misfortunes if we learn from them.And through connection to other people and other times, we learn who we are.

As I simultaneously took on the position of president and temporary newsletter editor while Mildred Kirkwood is on leave, I found myself doing those ‘history things’ I always put off for ‘someday’. I really read Into the Eye of the Setting Sun, and “Googled” some of the famous people Charlotte talks about our family encountering. Also at Don Rivara’s suggestion, I read his past newsletter article with the minutes of the first reunions. I talked with my nephew about how these people whose story his dad, my brother Bruce, found on the web were his great-great-great-grandparents and what they did that made them important. Most of all, I sat down with my Dad and my daughter to listen to and write down his stories of growing up. I wasn’t able to spend much time on any one of these, but I started and, as I see how much I don’t know, I wish I had started a long time ago.

So if you see the Kerr name a few times in this newsletter, you’ll know it’s because I have been talking with my family. When you talk to yours, please share with the rest of us what they say. And if you have lived long enough to have history, read on about our storytelling area at the reunion and dust off those story-telling skills whether you have ever used them or not.

Speaking of long lives, 2009 will be the 90th anniversary of the first Hewitt Reunion in 1919. (It’s not the 90th reunion because the family decided not to have them during World War II.) We are looking for a photographer for the reunion this year and someone to do publicity for the anniversary. Check out the new HMC Classified Ads for information. Send your ideas for how we should celebrate to

As you read Elma Hewitt’s newsletter report, remember this newsletter is about family and that’s you.Let the family know who you are, especially if we don’t get to see you at the picnic.We’re looking forward to meeting many of you online through your contributions to our upcoming website.

Please note: We are holding the reunion in a different part of the park this year. Read on for details.

Have a great summer and hope to see you in August! Barbara

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