Number of Hewitt Great Grandchildren Declining

From Don Rivara

In our April 2000 newsletter was an article about the living great grandchildren of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt. At that time, there were 25 living great grandchildren.Eight years later, it appears there are 17 living, but some of those listed below may have passed without our knowledge.

During our research for this article, we discovered that Robert H. Tennant of Alameda, CA, a grandson of Matthew Hewitt has died. He was born 30 September 1916 and died 2 October 2007 at the age of 91.

[Mary Cooper Matheny > Elizabeth Hewitt > Matthew Hewitt > Bertha Hewitt Tennant > Robert Tennant]

He was the last surviving child of Bertha Tennant.

Others who have died in the past 8 years are Herman Becker, Marjorie Kerr Bauer, Mary Alice Kerr McClain, Kerwin Kerr, and Henry Kerr.

Living Great Grandchildren

Ann Eliza Hewitt Thornton’s grandchildren – none living

Daniel Matheny Hewitt’s grandchildren – none living

Henry Hewitt’s grandchildren – none living

Adam Hewitt’s grandchildren – Ruth Launer

J. Andrew Hewitt’s grandchildren: Eleeta Hilderbrand, Elois Demaray, Jean Kerr, Elma Hewitt, Elinor Denton, and Velma Pollard.

Isaiah Hewitt’s grandchildren: Florence Gilchrist, Yvonne Heinrichs

Matthew Hewitt’s grandchildren: Whitney Kennedy, Robin Kennedy, Cynthia Randall, Marjorie Hubbard

Jasper Hewitt’s grandchildren: Robert Hewitt

Horry Hewitt: had no family

Lorin Hewitt’s grandchildren: Kenneth Pomeroy, Merritt Hewitt, Elizabeth Hewitt

If you have knowledge that any of these people have passed, please send a note to

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