The Oregon Trail Video Game

For the young’ns from Gavin Kerr

Take on the challenges and make the decisions your ancestors did, on your computer! This is an old game. If it’s been awhile or you’ve never played it, you can get the original version for free as well as specifics on how to load and play it by clicking HERE .

Download Applewin from this page (or go to to download 1.14.0(beta) of Apple Emulator for Windows).

Note: These files are “zipped” so if you don’t already have it on your computer, go HERE to  download free software to “unzip” your downloads. (Zip files are compressed so the download takes less time. It also assures you get complete files.)

Then open the link on the same page and scroll down to Oregon Trail-FOUND! Click on Oregon Trail and download that file(2 disks). Once down-loaded, click on disk 1. It will automatically open the Apple Emulator for Windows and you can start playing.

Note: When you reach the point of switching to the ‘2nd floppy disk’ – click on the master drive 2 the one under 1 and then go to your virtual floppies and double click on the 2nd disk. It will then go in drive two. After that click on the drive that has a 1/2 on it and then press space bar. There you go.

If you want the latest version for your PC go to http://www.learning or, you can Google ‘Oregon Trail game’ to find the updated version for sale.

For the computer savvy users out there:

* The Apple II emulator can be found at
* The Apple II Oregon Trail Game at

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