Into the Eye of the Setting Sun

by Charlotte Matheny Kirkwood
By mail $19.95 At the reunion $15.00

Dorothy Coombs reading from "Into the Eye of the Setting Sun"

Dorothy Coombs reading from “Into the Eye of the Setting Sun”

This is a story about traveling on the Oregon Trail.  The author traveled the Trail in 1843 as a child.  She was too young to keep a journal.  So when she was in her sixties she wrote of things she remembered about the trip.  It’s a good resource for anyone at any age studying the Oregon Trail and early Oregon.  It’s also an enjoyable and captivating story as Charlotte combines an impressive and detailed memory of her childhood perspective with commentary from the broader life view of an adult.

CLICK HERE to see Karl Klooster’s article on Into the Eye of the Setting Sun in the News Register (McMinnville), published 9/20/2008

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  1. rik05 says:

    Greetings from Hardin County, Kentucky:
    I’d like to buy a copy of both “Into the Eye of the Setting Sun” and “Memoirs of Elizabeth Lee Matheny.” To whom should I send a check?
    Incidentally, my connection to the Matheny family is through Henry and Ruth Gatch Younger. One of their daughters, Rachel, married Isaiah Matheny. Another of their daughters, Elizabeth (my ancestor) married John B. Cundiff.
    I am most anxious to learn more about these interesting ancestral cousins of mine, the Mathenys.
    Best Regards,
    Dan Lee (RIK05)
    Cecilia, KY

  2. DonnaSasserHinds says:


    I am representing Friends of Historic Champoeg.
    We sell Charlotte’s book in our store at Champoeg
    State Heritage Area. We are nearly out!

    Can you be our source for purchase or is there
    another we should contact?

    Donna Hinds
    Volunteer Interpretive Host
    Champoeg State Heritage Area

  3. julie says:

    I would like to purchase this book. Where do I send the money?

    Julie Rucker

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