From Our President – July 2009

In this fast-paced life where change happens more often than we can keep track of, it’s impressive to think that our family has been gathering for 90 years. It’s reassuring to be part of something that has gone on for so long and will be there for our next generations to feel part of and look forward to each year.   So let’s celebrate!

As you read through the list of celebration activities, plan on bringing photocopied or digital copies of family pictures showing generations that are no longer with us to add to the Photo Wall or help to bring back one of our most cherished traditions by dusting off that ice cream maker. Practice your two-hops-and-a-jump and your stories for the Storytelling Area and Memory Books.  And don’t forget to fill out your family record sheet to send in or bring to the Reunion and bring a donation for the auction or raffle.

Note that we are back in our regular spot at the park, thanks to Mike Layman.

Please share the Children’s Corner articles with your young family members and let them know that they can contribute to this section of the newsletter and website to be by and for their generation, including renaming the column.

Read the heartfelt descriptions of loved ones written by family at last year’s Reunion in the Memory Books Joanne Shipley put together.  Making sure the younger generations know the role in history our families played is important.  But capturing the history we have made in large and small ways since then is important as well. We are more than just the pioneers.  Send in your stories to Joanne or bring them to the Reunion. You probably know someone who was, or is, a pioneer of a different era.

Strong heritage can makes a great family; but it’s the hands-on demonstration of that strength that makes a family association last for 90 years. Thank you ahead of time to volunteers for reserving the park, setting up, organizing food, taking pictures, doing readings, leading songs, auctioneering, keeping records and minutes, manning the storytelling and computer tables, setting up children’s activities, organizing  the  Daniel Matheny Hewitt Challenge, and cleaning up.

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