Minutes of Special Meeting Regarding Privacy, Publications, & Distribution 11/15/2008

  • Date: Nov. 15, 2008
  • Present: Barbara, Louis, Rae Anne, Elma, Mel, Joanne

I.  Discussion regarding policy on privacy: Privacy regarding personal information includes:  name, address, phone number, email address, birthdate, and mother’s maiden name.

1.   It is our policy to continue to publish names of members of the family (for example: in newsletter articles), with no additional contact information, without any specific permission.

There are two exceptions to this policy:

A.  Elected council officers (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) names and contact information (address, phone, and email) will be listed in all published newsletters, on the inside of the newsletter (no longer on the back cover).

B.  Anyone who submits an article to the newsletter and requests his or her contact information appear with the article.

2.   It is our policy to never publish birthdates or mother’s maiden name

There are 2 exceptions to this policy:

A. We will continue to publish written lineage information at the end of articles, indication the lineage of the subject of the article (Example from a recent article about Jean Kerr: Henry and Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt>James Andrew Hewitt>Sylva Hewitt Kerr>William Henry (Hank) Kerr & Jean Kerr.)

B. Obituaries taken from newspapers (public record) or submitted by members will be printed including any personal information present.

The council asks that family members let us know quickly if there is any objection to either of these policies.

II.    Discussion regarding income from publications:

  1. Our policy regarding distribution of publications is:  whatever we distribute shall pay for itself and make a profit. (The size of the “profit” is not determined at this time, and may vary according to type of material, format of material, and to whom the material is being distributed.)

Respectfully submitted,    Joanne Shipley

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