Who Are Our Oldest Living?

by Don Rivara

Some years ago, we compiled a list of the oldest living people in the family. None of the people on that list are alive today, so it is time to compile a new list of all persons ninety years of age and older. Without our archives on hand, I will need help.  We will post them after I get responses.  Please send them ASAP.

I need exact dates of birth for the following people and anyone else who is ninety or above. [Your birth dates will not be printed; it will just be kept for purposes of the story.]

John Green, 95, sometime earlier this year

Ruth Stoutenberg Launer, 93 sometime this year

Lesta Kneebone, 90 sometime this year

Eleeta Hilderbrand, 94 sometime this year

Whitney Kennedy, 90 sometime this year

Robert Hewitt, 93 sometime this year

Kenneth Pomeroy, 91 sometime this year

Send your responses to donrivara@att.net.  Please include your pedigree  Example: [Mary Cooper Matheny > Elizabeth Hewitt > Adam Hewitt > Mabel Hewitt Stoutenberg > Ruth Stoutenberg Launer]

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