Military Duty

These 2 are related to me: Christine Cranmore, HMC Council Member

Thomas Matheny Shipman, 39, is now part of the Georgia National Guard. At one time, Tom served with the Oregon National Guard, and did a year of duty in Iraq. He came home, moved to Albany, Georgia, to attend college there. He is studying to be a CSI forensic scientist. At present he serves in the Georgia National Guard, and is serving for a year in Afghanistan.

Jonathan Metcalf, 19, is a Marine, who recently deployed to Afghanistan.

Both young men are descended from Daniel and Mary Cooper Matheny > Charlotte Matheny Kirkwood > Arthur Murray Kirkwood > Charlotte Kirwood Geisler > Margaret Geisler Shilpman. Thomas is her youngest son. Jonathan is the grandson of Randy Shipman, Margaret’s oldest son.

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