Yvonne Heinrichs – Saved by a St. Bernard, by Frances Gilchrist (8-7-2011)

In the 1930s, we rented a room to a couple who were in Vaudeville, who also had a St. Bernard.  My sister Yvonne was abut two yrs. old.  Yvonne had a bad habit (if you can call it that at her age) of running out in the road.  Mother had run after her many times.  The day she ran out no one was around except her Sis (me, Frances, – 5 1/2 years old) and the St. Bernard.  The dog saw her run out into the street (which was a gravelled road) and al of a sudden the St. Bernard practically flew through the air and grabbed her by the seat of the pants.  If it weren’t for the St. Bernard, I wouldn’t have had a little sister all these years.  The car would never been able to stop on a gravel road.

Frances Gilchrist [Isaiah Hewitt descendant]

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