FAMILY DONATION LAND CLAIM: Adam Matheny DLC – Maud Williamson State Recreation Site

The Donation Land Claim of Adam Matheny includes the park where the Reunion has been held from the mid 1940s, and will return to when we can meet in person.


History of the park from the State website:

“The original 20 acres was given in 1937 by Maud Williamson in memory of her mother. On the tract is an historic farmhouse once occupied by the original donor and her brother. Historically, the area is part of the Adam Matheny Donation Land Claim. Matheny came to Oregon in the migration of 1843. A relative, Daniel Matheny, operated the first wagon and team ferry on the Willamette River (1844) at the nearby town of Wheatland. A ferry still operates at this point.”

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