FAMILY DONATION LAND CLAIMS: Aaron and Sarah Jane Matheny Layson DLC

Sarah Jane Matheny (1825-1849) daughter of Henry and Rachel Matheny married Aaron Maxwell Layson, who at 23 years old had been elected to organize the wagon train when they left Missouri.
“Aaron and Sarah Jane Matheny Layson settled next to her parents in Yamhill County and took up a donation land claim.” Sarah Jane died in the gold fields in California, so Aaron could claim only 320 acres rather than 640. His mother-in-law, Rachel Matheny also could claim only 320 acres because her husband, Henry Matheny also died in the gold fields. So, Aaron farmed the whole 640 acres of the original Henry Younger Matheny and Rachel Cooper Matheny DLC. Rachel took care of the house and Aaron’s three children, her grandchildren. Aaron Layson died in 1886 and is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.

Aaron and Sarah Jane Matheny Layson had three children. Anna E. Layson, born ca. 1844 married Wilson Gibson, died 1922. Buried in Hopewell, Cemetery.
James Benjamin Layson (aka Jim Ben) b. 1845 Married Sarah C?? died 1920, Hopewell (in cemetery??) Cena Abigale, b 1849 in El Dorado County, CA married Rev. Mark E. Bailey, Wheatland. Died 1941 Vancouver, WA.

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