FAMILY HISTORIC SITE: Monument at Champoeg

Melissa Jones-Clark Gomez is at Champoeg State Park, Oregon

In May of 1843, the Oregon Provisional Government was established here at Champoeg. Our HMC Family member Adam Hewitt was one of the signers. This area meant a lot to my mom Julie Warmington Jones. Every time we are there I think about her alot. I would also like to acknowledge those whose land this was. The Ahantchuyuk, Atfalati, and Kalapuya peoples. 

The Hewitt family association (before becoming the Hewitt, Matheny, Cooper Family Association) voted to put Adam Hewitt’s name on the monument in 1925 and Jasper Hewitt was entrusted to accomplish the task in 1929.  Adam Hewitt, a mountain man fur trapper, was the brother of Henry Hewitt, who married Elizabeth Matheny.  Adam convinced Henry and Elizabeth to join him in the Oregon Territory. Their trip was delayed a year so that Elizabeth’s family could accompany them.

 Adam Hewitt at the monument in 2021.

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