President’s Letter 2023


Sylvia Fiscus, who has been our registrar for more than a decade, is going to retire from her position after she updates the mailing list with the returns from this year’s postcard mailing. I will be serving as an interim registrar until the new person takes over.  We thank Sylvia for many years of dedicated service.

The duties of the Registrar involve maintaining the postal and email address lists for family members. The information is gathered from an email account specific to the registrar, from a signup list at the Reunion in the park, and from the chat room of the Reunion ZOOM. Out-of-date mailing addresses are gathered from any postcards that are returned undeliverable.

The Registrar works with a mailing service to mail out the Reunion notice postcards each year. The HMC president composes the message.  The Registrar also forwards email messages from the President to the list of members.

The Registrar position can be accomplished from anywhere in the world.  Sylvia is in Colorado and worked with a mailing service in her town. 

This position is straightforward but it holds our family organization together. You just need to be familiar with emailing and spread sheets.  Contact me if you have any questions or would like to volunteer. 


The website has a new feature.  The “Family History: the Basics” includes articles on things in our history that are often assumed everyone knows. With being online, we are welcoming many new family who have not grown up with the local lore. For them, for our young members, and for those of us who have always wondered about some things that were not explained, there are articles on such basics as “What was  the Oregon Trail?”, “Were We the First Wagon Train?”, and “What is a Donation Land Claim?”.  Barbara, who produces our website, wants to know what else you want to know. Send her your questions or questions you think may be helpful to others.  If you know the answers, please send them also.

Also, don’t forget to send Barbara pictures and stories of any items you may have for the VIRTUAL MUSEUM; and your ideas and suggestions for anything to do with our family in “THE PARKING LOT.”


Stephanie Craig is a Cooper descendant, lives near her parents on a Cooper Donation Land Claim, is an enrolled member and the Archivist of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and is our HMC Archivist, who with Brian Hewitt is documenting our history.  Her presentation at the Reunion is only a bit of what we will be able to learn about the cultures of the land we settled on. We are so happy that she has joined the HMC Council.


Finally, I want to express our gratitude to Elaine Warmington Wagner for her research and networking that brought about the new marker at the Wheatland Ferry, that will be dedicated at the Reunion. The marker will bring more awareness to the general public of the contributions our family made to the community and the state.

See you at the Reunion!


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