Auction: Never Can Figure Out What to Donate?

Many thanks to all of you who donate to and purchase from the auction and raffle to fund our newsletter, etc. If you haven’t donated, here’s a list to start you thinking. Send ideas for donations you would like to see to

Be sure to read about last years auction! (Click here!)

  • As you enjoy your yard this summer, set aside a few extra plants; especially old-fashioned flowers/ fruit/ herbs not readily available or have family meaning.
  • If August is harvest time for you, please gather up a little extra, whatever you can spare, for those of us who don’t have gardens, so we can buy from our own family ‘farmers market’.
  • If you or someone you know has a business that might donate something, appreciation will be expressed in our newsletter, which is sent to nearly 500 homes in over 30 states. Think of services you have connections for that may be of interest to family members; things we all spend money on anyway and would appreciate “buying local”, such as:
    • restoration of heirloom photographs, clothing, houses, landscaping, or recordings;
    • genealogy, house research
    • tours of historic sites or gardens
    • sewing/tailoring
    • carpentry, painting, furniture repair, woodworking
    • lessons: music, foreign language, knitting, crocheting, weaving, canning, etc.
    • proofreading
  • Things you have or make that someone else may not,
  • camping or picnic items
  • homemade preserves, or other foods (with recipes attached if you are willing to give away secrets)
  • good books with mini reviews
  • old books, technical, fiction, etc. or old magazines with historic articles or pictures
  • vintage clothing or textiles
  • clothing/accessories handmade by family members
  • collectibles
  • The kids had a great time last year with the raffle. How about you/your children bringing
  • cookies or other food with easy, kid recipes attached
  • homemade toys with directions
  • good used toys, games, or books
  • art, sewing, or craft kits with project examples, supplies, & directions

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