The Daniel Matheny Hewitt Challenge

(from June 2008)

A new event! Who inherited this athletic prowess?

Be sure to see the results of the 2008 competition!!  (Click here!)
Then get your ‘jumping shoes’ on, and get ready for this years competition!!

Brian Hewitt challenges all comers to compete at the Reunion at “two hops and a jump running” mentioned in Jasper Hewitt’s reference to his brother, and Brian’s great-great grandfather, Daniel Matheny Hewitt.

“I do not remember many events in Daniel’s life at home as he married when I was yet in my seventh year.I do remember how fine he looked dressed up and with peg-heeled red tight-fitting boots that fit like a glove with his trousers inside. These heels stood well under the boot so the track on the ground was as small as a child’s foot. These were hand-made and in the style for dashing young men and were made of calf (hide). He also had a family failing—he was a wonderful athlete, could beat all from far and near at two hops and a jump running.”–From the memoirs of Jasper Hewitt

‘Two hops and a jump’, a track&field event in the modern Olympic Games since its inception in 1896, was later known as ‘hop, step, and jump’ and is now the ‘triple jump’. The goal is to cover as much horizontal distance as possible by two hops (on one foot) and a jump (on two feet) in succession after a running start.

Start practicing soon. Extra points for doing it in peg-heeled red tight-fitting boots!

[Henry & Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt > Daniel Matheny Hewitt > Guy Glenn Hewitt > Derrell D. Hewitt > Richard Hewitt > Brian Hewitt]

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