HMC Family Council Meeting 4/19/2008

  • Date: 4/19/2008
  • Present: Barbara Kerr, Elma Hewitt, Louis Rodge, Joanne Shipley

    Elma Hewitt, Joanne Shipley, and Louis Rodge at work

    Elma Hewitt, Joanne Shipley, and Louis Rodge at work

  • Minutes: from 9/17/2007 were approved with corrections of emails and addresses.
  • Treasurer: Louis reported there are new IRS Tax Forms that we must file. He is in the process of completing the paperwork, including updating the name of the association from “Descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt” to the current name. Motion approved that the Treasurer will have an accountant prepare the new tax form this year so we know it is done properly. This includes reimbursement for the service of preparation of the form. Treasurer will complete it annually in the future.
  • Current balance: $3951.29.Motion approved that the Treasurer will present the records at every council meeting for review in the future.The current savings account is too “old” and the bank is unable to provide online access, so the Treasurer will also look into finding a bank account that will allow free online access to the account.
  • Newsletter: Elma is receiving information for the June and November newsletters, since Mildred is moving and expecting to have surgery. We are going to begin having the newsletter available online for those who prefer receiving it that way. We will continue sending it by regular mail to everyone who doesn’t want it online (We mail newsletters to 489 addresses in 34 states at this point!) Hopefully an online newsletter will allow us to share more photos, and color photos, and save both money and labor in the long run. We will let everyone know when this will begin.If you know you are interested, please email Barbara Kerr with your email address.
  • Publications: A copy of Into the Eye of the Setting Sun was sent to Vernonia to be used in the 4th grade classes. Does anyone have a copy of the book on a disk in Word or Word Perfect? If so, please contact Barbara Kerr. Elma will contact Mel Moss to see if he has one. Joanne will call Margaret Shipman to find out more about the book. We will have several publications available for sale at the Reunion.
  • Reunion Due to some work in the park, the location will change slightly, towards the south end of the park. Duties were assigned for the reunion:

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