Minutes of the HMC Family Council Meeting, May 30, 2009

Present: President Barbara Kerr, Treasurer Louis Rodge, Secretary Joanne Shipley, Christine Cranmore, and President Emeritus Elma Hewitt.

Absent: Shilah Bauer and Rae Ann Nelson.  Shilah reports that she is resigning from the Family Council at this time.

Meeting was called to order.  Letters from Ken and Helen Kirkwood, Olive Merry, Don Rivara and Mel Moss were received.

Minutes of the November Meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer reported a balance of $4,966.15 as of 3/24/2009.  The accountant has filed the annual form 990.

Discussion continued regarding receipts for future donations for the silent and oral auctions, and donation cans at the reunion.  We need confirmation from the State of Oregon regarding our tax-exempt status.  Louis is following up with phone calls to Dennis and Dan Matheny and to the State of Oregon to see if we can obtain the original paperwork.  Cost to file would be $30, if we can’t confirm previous paperwork.

Newsletter: Next edition will be available on the website.  Please send us your email address!  Printed copies will also be mailed, unless members indicate that having them on the website is good enough.

Elma will call Barbara with additional email addresses from the Reunion sign-in books, so everyone can be notified that the newsletter is available on-line.

New and changes of addresses need to go to our new Registrar, Sylvia Fiscus at registrar@hmcfamily.org.  She will keep all current contact information.

The possibility of bulk-mail is being investigated.  One member of the family will offer an estimate of costs if she does it through her agency.  If we can get a copy of the filing with the State of Oregon for tax-exempt status, we may reduce the cost substantially.  More information to come.

Historian: To maintain privacy, historian, Don Rivara, will keep all family records and lineages at historian@hmcfamily.org.

Communications: If you wish to contact one of the council, please use one of the following addresses:

council@hmcfamily.org (Barbara Kerr),
secretary@hmcfamily.org (Joanne Shipley),
treasurer@hmcfamily.org (Louis Rodge),
Elma@hmcfamily.org (Elma Hewitt),
registrar@hmcfamily.org (Sylvia Fiscus), and
historian@hmcfamily.org (Don Rivara).
Your email will automatically be forwarded to the correct person.

Website: Please let Barbara Kerr know if you have any trouble getting into the website.
An on-line tour of the area will soon be available – see upcoming information for ways to use it, and to add to it from your family’s archives.

Publications: Elma has some beautiful illustrations for Into the Eye of the Setting Sun.  They will be incorporated into the copies that will be available at the reunion.  There was discussion about how to recognize or reimburse the man who did them.  No decisions yet.

Discussion continues about publishing Into the Eye of the Setting Sun.  Christine will speak with her mother, and Elma will speak with Julie Jones, in order to collect more information about the history of the work.  Mel Moss has found newsletter references to Ruth Stout working on it extensively with Julia Jones.

2009 90-year Reunion Celebration:

Mike has reserved our regular site with the shelter.

Brian Hewitt will be auctioneer.  Louis will be cashier and clerk.

Readings, singing, food and photography are all on the schedule.

Please bring your little “I remember” booklets, or email a family story to secretary@hmcfamily.org so we can add current family stories to our memories.

Elma is requesting each family to bring old photos on poster board, with labels, to be displayed on the walls of the shelter.

The council adjourned, with great thanks to Barbara for all the planning and research she has done in preparation of our coming celebration.  Next meeting will be at the Reunion.

Respectfully submitted,   Joanne Shipley, Secretary

Treasurer’s Update

THE AUCTION This year at the reunion the oral auction will be monitored by the treasure to help insure the person who wins the item is identified and receives the correct item and the correct dollar amount is collected.
RE: NONPROFIT STATUS The Hewitt-Matheny-Cooper Family Association is not a “non-profit” or a “not for profit” classified organization.  Therefore donations to the H-M-C Family Association are not tax deductible.  We are in the process of filing/declaring a “not for profit” status with the IRS.  However, we will not be a “charitable” organization and donations will still not be tax deductible

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