My mom Lesta Rae Wilkinson (Matheny) Kneebone

What an example of godly perseverance.

When my mom was 12 years old she fell in a doorway on a milk (glass) bottle. This severed her nerves in her arm pit.  Her sister came to the rescue. This happened to her left arm, her writing hand was paralyzed.

I never, never heard her complain. She sure had reason to. When I was discouraged she pointed to 3 clay monkeys that covered their eyes, mouth and ears. See no evil, say no evil (speak) and hear no evil. Many times I think of this. Something I am trying to learn.

Mom was a stay at home mom; letting us build golf courses with tuna cans in our backyard. She watched our many plays in our make-shift stages. She made the popcorn and curtains for our funny, and informative plays.  She also watched in our street many of or parades. What a happy childhood she gave us 3 kids. She did many things to make our lives full.

She accomplished all this and more with a disabled hand.  God does work his miracles and he used my mom to show me compassion and perseverance. I love you for this mom. How she diapered us, it still amazes me to this day.

Rebecca Kneebone Keogh

Aug. 3, 2008

She used to say ”You can do anything you can if you put your mind to it.”

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