From Lisa Myers Warmington

One of my fondest childhood memories was actually as a late teenager.

It had been a hot summer and was already mid-August when my cousin Lisa and I decided to spend the night with our grandparents, Elsie & William Warmington.

The upstairs at Grandpa and Grandma’s typically was closed up and unused. This night we opened up windows and shook out quilts.

After a hot night, staying up late, visiting first with Grandpa & Grandma and then upstairs with each other. We discussed everything from the typical: boys, tans, and music, to the more untypical, future plans and dreams for our lives and also what it meant to us to have our grandparents and the legacy they had built.

What I remember best and most is waking up with the soft breeze blowing in the window, the feel of the cool cotton of the quilt lying on top of us as we lay there in the early morning light.

Then what we did next is still a sweet memory. We jumped up, pulled on clothes and went and picked raspberries from their garden.  We again visited and talked about our futures along with our years of memories of being out in the garden together picking peas, strawberries, raspberries, and apples.

Once we had some berries, we headed back inside to sit down with Grandpa & Grandma and eat bowls of raspberries with cream on top.

My grandparents have been gone a long time now, but this memory stays fresh in my mind.

Melissa Clark


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