Sylva Hewitt Kerr

Since my sister, Marian, is writing about our mother, I decided to share my memories of our grandmother, Sylva Hewitt Kerr.

I was named after Grandma, she Sylva Leona- me Sylvia Lee.  I felt proud that our of 23 grandchildren, I was her “namesake”.

My best memory of Grandma was about “apples”.

“Run fill the pan with apples from the applesauce tree.” Or “Get me some pie apples and I’ll bake a pie.”  She would sit with the enameled pan in her lap and could peel an apple with her little paring knife – not letting the peel break – not one time!  We kids would eat the peels and anxiously await the pie.

Grandma was loving and giving and would scoop each grandchild to her ample bosom in a warm embrace until we gasped for air.

She was the very best of grandmothers and pleasant memories abound with thoughts of her and the “homestead”.

Sylva Murray McClain Fiscus

August 3, 2008

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Mary-Alice Kerr Murray  McClain>Sylvia Murray McClain Fiscus]

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  1. Milton Demaray says:

    I remember Sylva Kerr as Aunt Sylva, but she was really my Great Aunt. My Grandma, Leeta Coats, was her sister. I remember visiting Aunt Sylva in McMinnville, as a boy. Thanks for sharing your memories.

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