Our Oldest Living Reunion Memory?

The first reunion I remember attending was the summer of 1922. My grand parents Adam and Cynthia Hewitt were married on the 21st of July 1872 and we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, that year, at the reunion. The reunion was held at the old home place of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt, underneath the walnut trees. The house was still there but no one was living in it. I remember us kids( I was 5 Years old at the time) going into the old house. Their anniversary cake had a bachelor button and a thimble hidden in it. If you got the button in your cake it meant you were going to be a bachelor or if you got the thimble you were going to be a old maid. I don’t remember all the details because of my young age.

Ruth Launer

[Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt > Adam Hewitt >                             > Ruth Launer]

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