Childhood memories of the family farm

By Michael Marsh (James Andrew Hewitt descendent)  8/2/09

As the current default caretaker of my family’s 95 year old farm, which was originally owned by Olive Hewitt Smith, my great, great grandmother, there is a lot of early memories that I remember as a child.  The farm is 8 miles west of McMinnvillle, or along Baker Creek Rd.

I remember as a 4 year old getting my first dog, Oscar, as a puppy, and my mother complaining about the dog messing in the house and shunning him outside.  He was a cattle dog until he was ran over and killed in Meridian, Idaho in 1994.

I also remember my father building forts out of straw for me to play in, and getting up every Saturday morning when it was dark, unlatching my sister’s baby gate to go downstairs to watch the good ole ‘80’s cartoons.  My first memories were of living on this farm, and I can’t wait until I’m 31 when this farm becomes a century farm.

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