Sylva Hewitt Kerr (James Andrew Hewitt descendent)

By Kerwin Kerr  8/2/2009

I remember us staying with Grandma Sylva while Momma had to go back to Hawaii for a funeral.  When Loren and I got home from school we would ask Grandma for a cookie and a glass of milk.  Grandma wouldn’t give us an after-school treat because she said it would spoil our dinner.  Our mother always gave us an after-school snack.  We thought that was mean.  Grandma wouldn’t hesitate to use a switch on us either!

We used to love to visit her and eat Bing cherries when they were in season, from trees in a grove about a block north of the house.  When the McMinnville city fathers in their infinite wisdom decided to make 99W four lanes wide, the cherry tree grove got bulldozed much to our disappointment.

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