Anna Eliza Hewitt Carver, by Kathleen Percy (8/3/2014)

I am telling a story when I (Kathleen) was about 5 years old.

I remember going to Anna Eliza Hewitt, my Grandma Carver’s house spending hours, upstairs in grandma’s bedroom; which was a huge room and I would spend hours in her closet. playing dress-up, which she had this big old trunk and it had lots of clothes in it.  I also remember spending lots of fun times watching the Mickey Mouse Club and The Lawrence Welk show that was my grandparent’s favorite show.  I grew up watching and growing to like The Lawrence Welk Show for many years.

I remember years later when I (Kathleen Percy Gilchrist) was married to Boyd Percy and we and our children (6) went over to Grandma Carver’s place; she lived in West Salem off of Wallace Rd. and we would go visit her and weed her garden and flower beds.

I also remember my Grandpa Carver (William).  I would spend time with Grandpa in their backyard, swinging on their swing and Grandpa Carver would show me his great garden.

Kathleen Percy (Gilchrist) [Isaiah Hewitt descendant]

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