My Grandmother’s Sayings, by Karen Kerr Weaver (8/3/2014)

Although diluted, the blood (genetics) of my beloved grandmother runs in the veins of my 5 grandboys.

So, as I loved some of the things I learned as a young child from Grandma Sylva Kerr, I am passing them on in the same way.  These are some of the treasured and useful sayings.

“Any job, once begun, is not finished ’till it’s done.”  – Delivered during a peach canning session – when it seemed like there would never be an end.

“A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”  – Delivered to mitigate useless arguments.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” – Delivered upon inspection of tasks poorly done.

age 12 – Luke Stephen VonHeeder; age 12 – Aidan Scout Weaver; age 11 – Colt Marian Franks; age 11 – Jim Alden VonHeeder; age 10 – Tate Marian Franks

These boys, Sylva’s great-great grandchildren, already quote her sayings.

Karen Kerr Weaver [James Andrew Hewitt> Sylva Kerr>Wm. Henry Kerr> Karen Kerr Weaver> three children (all have boys only.) Frank Weaver, Dora (Eudora) Weaver Franks, Kora Weaver (VonHeeder) now Williams]


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