IN MEMORIAM: Walter Davies

Walter Ronald Davies

1938 – 2020

Walter Davies passed away in his Monmouth residence on December 10, 2020 at the age of 82. Walter was born on July 25, 1938 to Paul and Rose Ramona Kennedy in Sacramento, California.  He had four siblings by his mother’s first marriage: Yvonne Ringle, Janet Wallior, Diana Manzano, and John Davies; and a sister a year and a half younger than he, Monarae Nichols.

He was the great, great grandson of Henry and Elizabeth (Matheny) Hewitt,  great grandson of Matthew Hewitt, and grandson of Laura Wanda (Hewitt) Kennedy.

He grew up in his mother’s house on his maternal grandparents’  dairy farm  in Loomis, California. He served in the Navy in Vietnam and Japan.

His wife, Winnie Lee Combs Davies, preceded him in death in 2014.

He is survived by his sisters and brother; his step daughter, Donna (Bellefeuille) Halvorson, and adopted daughter, Linnie (Bellefeuille) Ainsley (He adopted Linnie when he married their mother, Winnie.); and, the Victor Padilla family and John Miller, friends with whom he was very close.

Funeral mass was celebrated at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Independence, Oregon.  The eulogy was given by the Padilla family.

Walt was very active in genealogy research and at one time maintained the Lincoln County Oregon GenWeb project site. The Hewitt, Matheny, Cooper Family is grateful for all his contributions to our family history.  Also, he will be remembered as always having something to add to the family meetings at the annual reunion.


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