The wreath was made by Daniel Matheny Hewitt’s wife, Henrietta “Etta” Miller Hewitt [Etta’s father was George Miller. He was our Henry, Jr. and Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt’s neighbor on the adjoining donation land claim. …Etta’s sister also married one of the Hewitt brothers as I recall.] The wreath contains the actual hair of our family members.

The portrait in the center of the wreath is of Early Ellsworth Hewitt (E.E) the oldest Hewitt grandchild of Henry, Jr. and Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt . Early was Daniel and Henrietta’s first born and was my Grandfather, Derrel D. Hewitt’s (a.k.a. D.D. Hewitt) uncle. E.E. was the older brother of Guy Glenn Hewitt ( a.k.a. G.G. Hewitt) who was Derrel’s father. Daniel and Henrietta Miller Hewitt had only two sons, E.E and G.G.

The wreath contains braided hair from circa 1876-1886 of the following:
1. Henry H. Hewitt, Jr.
2. Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt
3. Daniel Matheny Hewitt
4. Henrietta Miller Hewitt ( also a lot of her immediate family members of Millers and Elkins )
5. Early Ellsworth Hewitt (grandson of Henry, Jr.; shown in picture in center of wreath
6. Guy Glenn Hewitt (brother to Early and my Grandpa, Derrel D. Hewitt’s, father)

Members of the Thornton family

A large number of other names I cannot decipher with 100 percent certainty due to the fading and age of the name tags and poor visibility through the old glass.

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