VIRTUAL MUSEUM: The Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt Family Bible


Dr. Loren Leroy (L.L) Hewitt married Lena Miller the niece of Henrietta Miller Hewitt. Lavelle Miller Hewitt was Loren and Lena’S son, as was Owen who died at 2 yrs old and Lois Elizabeth Hewitt ( Pomeroy). Lavelle is whose possession was the Henry Hewitt family Bible. Lavelle was born in 1901 my grandfather in 1905. The Bible was, per Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt, to pass to the oldest living Hewitt in perpetuity. Constance “Connie” Whitney Hewitt, the wife of Lavelle, gave the Bible to their son who in turn gave or sold the Bible to a museum out of state. I found the Hewitt Family Bible online years ago and wrote to the curator and received no reply after numerous attempts. I cannot remember now for certain where the museum is-was located.

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