Lineage-based, Membership Service Organizations Family Members Qualify For

Family members have been joining the Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution for many years. While the DAR, founded 1890, and SAR, founded 1889, are probably the most well-known, our lineages qualify us for many other organizations as well.

Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution

HISTORY OF OUR FAMILY INVOLVEMENT The minutes of the nineteenth annual Tribe of Hewitt Reunion in 1937 speak of “… the geneological research which has been made by Dr. J.L. Hewitt, establishing the right of descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt to become members of the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution…” The 1966 minutes mentioned that “Inez Hewitt has documents which prove that family members are eligible for DAR membership.” In 1974 “The following information was given: Julia Jones has joined the DAR, making six members in this branch of the family. the other five are, Etta Hewitt Dornfeld, Marjorie Kerr Bauer, Mary Alice Kerr McLain and her two daughters.” Mary Alice Kerr McLain’s two daughters are Marian Robertson and Sylvia Fiscus, who, together with Elaine Wagner, niece to Julia Jones, spoke in the 2022 Reunion program. Melissa Gomez, the Zoom host for the program, is Julia Jones daughter.

WEBSITE: Daughters of the American Revolution ;


  • Elaine Wagner;
  • Marian Robertson
  • Sylvia Fiscus
  • Melissa Gomez
  • Merrilee Johnson
  • Nancy Matheny – Champoeg Chapter

WEBSITE: Sons of the American Revolution ; Apply in 4 Easy Steps


  • John Carlisle
  • Al Ernest;

A Starting Point to Finding a Patriot for Entry in the SAR! – Al Ernest 

First, one must determine if one of the below ancestors is indeed a participant in the Colonial army fighting for the American cause. For example, John Mountour has not yet been classified as a Patriot; that must be completed first.

Second, one must determine if their pedigree supports direct line to a Patriot.

Thirdly, one must find paper trail proof of the relationships between generations. Even if one finds a patriot with line of sight back to today’s blood relative, you must be able to prove the lineage. 

The below list is to my pedigree. They may not fit any other Matheny!  These are from John Carlisle.

Revolutionary War Ancestors: Some are fathers and sons. – John Carlisle

  • Henry Younger 1775-1830 son
  • Joshua Logan Younger 1755-1834 father
  • Nathaniel Cooper 1755-1830 son
  • Job Cooper 1732-1804 father
  • Isaac Oldham Sr 1742-1821
  • John Montour 1746-1830
  • Capt William Allen (Allyn) 1759-1815 **Your first sucess**
  • Capt Samual Allyn -1781
  • General E. Stevens 1745-1820

The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution (youth organization part of SAR)


National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists, DAC, established 1921

WEBSITE: National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists


  • Elaine Wagner


Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers formed in 1875 as the The Oregon Pioneer Association

HISTORY OF OUR FAMILY INVOLVEMENT In the 1954 minutes, president Roy Hewitt “asked that as many as possible of the Hewitt descendants join the Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers.” He repeated the request saying it would be “in the interest of perpetuationg the pioneer history of our state.” and made applications available. The 1958 minutes noted that this organization was “the successor to the Oregon Pioneer Association, now disbanded because of the death of most of the last surviving members. Dr. Jasper L. Hewitt was active in the affairs of the Oregon Pioneers Association for many years and was president of the organization at the time of his death in 1946.”

WEBSITE: Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers



National Huguenot Society established 1883

HISTORY OF OUR FAMILY INVOLVEMENT The 1977 minutes mention that “The Hewitts are descended from French Huguenots who left France during the 1685 religious persecutions.” Elaine Wagner and Brian Hewitt reported in the 2022 Reunion on their research of the Huguenot connection for both the Hewitts and Mathenys.

WEBSITE: National Huguenot Society



National Society United States Daughters of 1812 established 1892



  • Elaine Wagner


If you know of other organizations that our lineages qualify for, or other family members who belong to the above organizations, please let us know at newsletter@hmcfamily,org.

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