2022 Reunion Minutes and Recording

For the recording of this year’s reunion, go to https://youtu.be/bUFQewJla4A.


In attendance via Zoom:

Jerry Mosgrove, (Matheny)

Pennee Mecham (Daniel Methany) , Karaleigh Mecham

Jenny Shipman, Daniel Matheny descendant and Thomas Snyder

Steve Warren (Anna Eliza Hewitt)

Tim Shipman, Kirkwood/Mattheny

Carolyn Bishop Staples

Marian Robertson and Sylvia Fiscus – James Andrew Hewitt

Barbara Kerr (James Andrew Hewitt)

Randy and Kimber Potts (Adam Wesley Hewitt)

Sharon Anderson (Jasper Newton Matheny)

Ernest and Melissa Demaray (James Andrew Hewitt)

Gayle R Turner – Matheny/Kirkwood/Turner

Mary Shipman Redfield (Charlotte Matheny)

Al Ernest (Matheny)

Henry Hewitt/Jasper Hewitt/Henry Hewitt

Bob Johnson (Myrtle Hewitt Becker)

Doug Hewitt–Jasper Hewitt

Barb Gray (Matheny)

Meg Matheny Munger

David Shelburne, with Lyla Lyttle (James Andrew Hewitt)

Gary Clifford (James Andrew Hewitt)

In attendance at Maud Williamson State Park:

Merrilee Johnson (James Andrew Hewitt)

Mike Layman (James Andrew Hewitt)

Brad Kerr (James Andrew Hewitt)

Paul and Nancy Matheny- Paul>James>Jesse>Frederick>Alonzo>Daniel>William b. 1787

Brian and Michelle Hewitt (James Andrew Hewitt)

Scott and Lindsay Fery (James Andrew Hewitt)

J.T. Layman- (James Andrew Hewitt)

Elaine Warmington Wagner (James Andrew Hewitt)

Devereaux Clark(James Andrew Hewitt)

Melody Neff, Rachael Neff, Myra Neff

Boyd and Kathleen Percy

Bruce Percy

Melissa Gomez (James Andrew Hewitt)

Welcome to the 2022 HMC Family Association Reunion-

The pandemic has been a challenge for our our family association, yet it has pushed us to expand our ability to involve family members across the country, and as we are experiencing right now. New members joining and family as far away as Florida. We are working on how to maintain Zoom options as in-person reunion’s resume. While we would love to have everyone together in person, we recognize that is not always possible and want to be as inclusive as possible.

MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THOSE WE HAVE LOST IN THE LAST THREE YEARS Louis Rodge, July 8, 2021; Dwight Johnson, December 2021; Psyche Elizabeth Malone, July 2022

Additions during meeting to capture in records-

Sylvia Berni passed away also, reporting from Kathleen

Nan Matheny Kellow Smelcer, born 10/13/1929 and died 2/23/2022. Reported by Meg Matheny Munger

Also- James Thomas Layman II, son of James Thomas Layman passed away April 2020.


There were 48 attendees (29 online and 19 in park): 32 Hewitts; 16 Mathenys; None attending as Coopers.

Births announced:

Announcing the birth of: Scott Matthew Geiger III on July 24, 2022. Mother, Suzanne Redfield Geiger is great great granddaughter of Charlotte Matheny. Both are doing well in Tacoma, WA.

Melissa Gomez reports birth of granddaughter Amaia Jade Smith, daughter of Mariah Simone-Ezalia Clark Logan (James Andrew Hewitt) and Alvin Wayne Smith II, born Aug 27, 2021 in Eugene, OR

Lives the closest: Scott and Lindsay Fery, live in Hopewell, 1.5 miles from the park.

Lives the furthest: Sharon Anderson, outside of Orlando, Florida lives the furthest.

Brad Kerr and Brian Hewitt propose we have a new category, the most genetically distant cousin, they wanted to introduce Paul Matheny, who with his wife Nancy joined us in the park. Daniel Matheny is Paul’s 1st cousin, 6 times removed, or to state another way, Paul’s 4th great grandfather William was a 1st cousin to Daniel Matheny.

Youngest in attendance: Initial youngest in attendance was Thomas Snyder, as reported on Zoom from Jenny Shipman, corrected to note Lyla Lyttle, 2 years old, with David Shelburne, as the youngest.

Oldest in attendance: corrected to Jerry Mosgrove 84, attending via Zoom.

Introduction of the Executive Council

Barbara Kerr introduces herself a James Andrew Hewitt descendent from Portland OR, co-president of the HMC Family Association, serving with Merrilee Johnson, also James Andrew Hewitt, living in McMinnville as the other co-president. Barbara introduces the remainder of the council,

Melissa Gomez, secretary, and Zoom support

Al Ernest, council member

Coral Hewitt Nolan, council member

Other members not in attendance:

Stephanie Craig, newest council member

Roger Shipman, council member

2021 Meeting Minutes by secretary Melissa Gomez were read by Barbara Kerr, meeting minutes were then confirmed and adopted.

Treasurers Report

With the loss of our beloved treasurer, Lewis Rodge last year, we struggled with changing over our bank account which was in Lewis’s name. We are now settled into a credit union with branches around the State and convenient online banking. Our expenses for the year were:

• $2 for a bank fee

• $50 to the tax accountant for filing our Federal nonprofit form

• $149.90 for renewal of the Zoom account

leaving a balance of $6,805.05.


There are six council positions, two executive council member positions are elected each year and each serves for three years. Merrilee Johnson and Barbara Kerr have served as co-presidents sharing one vote between them. Barbara after 15 years of being council president and co-president is going to now focus on the website. Coral Hewitt Nolan has held the other Hewitt position. There were 14 voting in the chat and 19 voting in the park for a unanimous vote to keep Merrilee and Coral.

Committee News

We have a number of committees with chair people. One of them is our long time Reunion chair, Mike Layman, who reserves the park each year, brings the sound system, signage and often play equipment, and tablecloths.

We have our family books archived with the Yamhill County Historical Society and are wanting to create digital files as well. Brian Hewitt, has agreed to be our historian. Stephanie Craig, our newest council member will also be working on the archives, as will Merrilee. They all welcome help, please reach out if interested.

Sylvia Fiscus has stuck with us for many years as registrar, collecting and updating emails and postal mail. If you know of any updated postal and email addresses, please email it to registrar@hmcfamily.org.

Our Facebook group HMC Family was set up by John Carlisle with Melissa Gomez assisting. There are instructions to join Facebook on our HMC Family website at www.hmcfamily.org or you can send a Facebook Messenger message to John or Melissa for help.

With Barbara’s ability for focus her energy on the website, there will be more family stories, both old and new, and interactive features; and all contributions are not only welcome, but necessary. Newsletter@hmcfamily.org is for communications with the historian and the website, and any family stories, history, and announcements, including obituaries, births, marriages, or graduations, and questions. Please join in, and send anything you want to share with the family.

Additional new business- Brian Hewitt requests the assistance of any interested to locate the family bible belonging to Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt. It appeared to have been lost to the family in a museum across the country. Since the reunion, with tips from many family members and information received the bible has been located in Independence, Oregon in the Independence Historical Museum.


Elaine Wagner presented information on her state project with the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists. The project focused on the Wheatland Ferry and Daniel Matheny. She told of his history before the 1843 wagon train. As part of her project, she has arranged for a marker to be built next to the Wheatland Ferry monument. The marker will be placed by the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists. The executive director will be coming from Washington, D.C. to participate in the dedication of the monument at next year’s Reunion. Elaine welcomes input on what family members would like to see included on the marker. She can be reached at graymomma97735@gmail.com. The full story will be made available on the website in coming months.

Al Ernest presented his research that includes more than 30 generations of Matheny ancestors and the lineages that connect our family to the patriots in the American Revolution. He provided information for joining National Society Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

Sylvia Fiscus and Marian Robertson shared decades of experience in their participation, lineage and membership information for Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Brian Hewitt shared his research on our Huguenot heritage in the Matheny and Hewitt lines and information regarding the Huguenot Society of America. He shared much information that we do have documentation for and some that is oral history passed down through the generations. The Huguenot Society of America was started in 1883 to recognize and keep alive those families that immigrated out of France and came to America eventually. This focused on our Hewitt line that started with Franz Karl which is documented and also shared information regarding the Matheny line which has not yet been documented fully but appears to trace back. The full story will be made available in the website in coming months.

These presentations were followed by some questions and discussion. Everyone expressed appreciation for the presenters and the ability to be together through virtual and unofficial in-person participation. Plans are being developed for next year’s format to allow for both options.

Meeting adjourned at 2:21pm

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