THE PARKING LOT – Share Your Good Ideas

The parking lot is where we capture all the good ideas for activities, research, communication, etc. that we don’t want to lose but may not be ready to implement yet.

When you have an idea you would like to see happen, create a title to help identify it. Add a description with as much or as little detail as you like. Send them to It will be posted in the website Parking Lot. It will stay there until you decide to implement it.

Family members can express their interest in your idea by emailing giving the title and indicating if they are:

  • In Support, but not wanting to participate or be kept informed;
  • Interested and want to know more or be kept informed (by email), but not wanting to participate at this time; or,
  • Wanting to participate, including any specifics on what they would like to do.

We will keep you informed of the level of interest and put you in contact with those who are Wanting to Participate.

If you have an idea, but are not able to implement it, post it anyway. Someone else may have the same idea and be happy to do it.

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