REUNION MEMORIES: Minutes of Our First Reunion, and Our First Constitution – 1919

“1919 The first annual reunion of the descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt was held at the old home place on July 12, 1919.  Seventy- five members of the family were present, forty-seven of whom were lineal descendants.  The sons present were H.H., A.W., J.A., I.C., M.C., J.L. and L.L.*

Some of the Hewitt Brothers - 1919

Some of the Hewitt Brothers – 1919

After a morning spent in visiting, all gathered round the long table spread under the maples and partook of an elaborate banquet.

During the afternoon an organization was formed and the following constitution was adopted.

Name, : “Tribe of Hewitt”

Membership All persons who are lineal descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Hewitt, who came to Oregon in 1843, wives or husbands, shall be members.

Officers, The officers shall consist of president, secretary, and executive committee. The president shall be the senior living son, and after all the sons shall have been deceased the presidency shall then descend in order of the senior living lineal descendant.  The secretary shall be elected annually and shall serve until his or her successor shall have been selected and qualified.  The executive committee shall be appointed annually by the president and shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualify.

It shall be the duty of the executive committee, with the assistance of the secretary to arrange for and notify all members of the organization of the time and place of the annual meeting and to assist the secretary to make and keep all necessary records and to make and keep a family tree.  It shall further be the duty of the secretary, at the death of the president, to immediately notify the next entitled to the presidency under the constitution.

Henry Hewitt of Albany, the oldest living member of the family, was made president, and Inez Hewitt was elected secretary.  The president appointed as an executive committee to arrange for the next meeting, Jasper L., Early E. and Roy R. Hewitt. -Inez Hewitt, Secretary

*Henry Harrison, Adam Wesley, James Andrew, Isaiah Cooper, Mathew Cresswell, Jasper Lewis, and Lorin LeRoy.  The only daughter, Ann Eliza, had died in 1893.  Daniel Matheny Hewitt died in 1915.  Horry Wilbur Hewitt was not present.

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