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The Cooper-Hewitt-Matheny History

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

by Gary Burlingame, Julie Jones, and Don Rivara
By mail $25.00 At the reunion $20.00

If you are doing family research, this is a good resource. It includes many photos.

New Hopewell Cemetery Book For Sale

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Author of Hopewell Cemetery Book, Lorna Grauer at the 2008 reunion.

Author of Hopewell Cemetery Book, Lorna Grauer at the 2008 reunion.

by Don Rivara

Lorna Grauer, who is almost related to us and worked as a research assistant at the Yamhill County Historical Society Museum, has written a book, The People of Hopewell Cemetery–Too Well Loved To be Forgotten. It is 320 pages long. She lists all the people in the cemetery plus obituaries and other information about each. It is very well done. If you want a copy of this great family book, send $25 to:

Lorna Grauer
20123 SW Grauer Road,
Sheridan, Oregon 97378

For each book sold, Lorna donates $10 to the Hopewell Cemetery Fund. Lorna will be at the Reunion to talk about her research.

Student Research

Monday, July 13th, 2009
Eli and his mother, Renee Kerr

Eli and his mother, Renee Kerr

Oregon fourth graders study Oregon history including the Great Migration. The above books in your home, school, or public library enable your children/grandchild ren to share family history and provide resources to their teachers and classmates. Into the Eye of the Setting Sun is especially helpful because of its numerous, detailed stories of daily life and famous people.

When Eli Kerr’s fourth-grade teacher asked the students to build covered wagons, he had his great-great-great-grandparents riding up front.

[Henry & Elizabeth Matheny Hewitt > James Andrew Hewitt > Sylva Hewitt Kerr > Jean Kerr > Bruce Kerr > Eli Kerr]